Sunday 7 October 2012

Leeshaw & Leeming Reservoirs

Sunday October 7th a.m.
 A frosty start to the day with a temperature of 4°C at Leeshaw Reservoir but very
calm with sunshine & blue skies.Quiet on the water with just two Canadas,eight
Mallards and a Grey Heron on the far bank.We counted eight male Pheasants, there
were several Meadow Pipits and a flock of c50 Carrion Crow past over.
  We moved on to Leeming Reservoir where things started off well as we saw the blue
flash of a Kingfisher in the stream the reservoir overflow goes in to.Again quiet on the
water with just Mallards,BH Gulls and a Moorhen with five Swallows swooping down for
a drink .There were plenty of birds after the berries and seeds on the side of the reservoir
where we saw Robin,Song Thrush,Mistle Thrush,Goldfinch and other common species.
Song Thrush


Canadas,Mallards & Pheasants

Leeshaw Reservoir

Leeming Reservoir,very calm

Leeming Reservoir

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