Sunday 21 October 2012

Potteric Carr Nature Reserve

Sunday October 21st a.m.
 A change for us today as we set off to a new location the Potteric Carr Nature Reserve
near Doncaster which is run by Yorkshire Wildlife Trust.Things started well with a few
more sunrise pictures for my school project then off we went heading South.The sun shone
brightly along the M62 then we headed down the A1 and into the fog!We thought all was
lost on our arrival but we carried on taking one of the trails which brought us to a bridge
across a small stream where we stopped.Things brightened up all of a sudden when a
Kingfisher flew past quickly followed by a second. We stopped briefly at some of the hides
but could see little through the murk, we the came to a hide called Willow Pool Hide which
proved to be a little gem. There were bird tables in front of the hide which were regularly
visited by the birds & a couple of Squirrels, the pool came close too attracting other birds.
so we saw a good selection including Blue Tit,Great Tit,Kingfisher,Mallard,Mute Swan,
Magpie,Chaffinch,Coal Tit,Pheasant,Reed Bunting & Robin.So we had a good morning
rounded off by a nice lunch before heading up the road to Old Moor Nature Reserve.
That will have to be reported on another day.
Grey Squirrel



Great Tit

Reed Bunting

Pheasant hen

Pheasant cock

Mute Swan watched by a Mallard

View from Willow Pool Hide, Potteric Carr NR


  1. Sounds like a good spot,never been.

  2. Yes it was good despite the fog,hopefully we will go again
    and see a bit more. I've put a new link to Potteric Carr so
    everybody can have a look.