Saturday 3 November 2012

Redcar Tarn

Saturday November 3rd a.m.
  A chilly cloudy start to the day with a temperature of 2.5°C on our arrival at Redcar
Tarn high above Keighley.There were plenty birds on show as usual here but the best
of these for me was five Goosanders three male and two female. I tried to get close to
them but on approach they head in the other direction, manged a few snaps though.There
were also Lapwings on the island and I spotted a Robin.I walked down the road to check
out the pond but there was nothing about,then I heard the sound of Geese.Sure enough
a skein of c50 appeared moving from left to right as I looked in the direction of the distant
Ovenden wind farm.Sadly I couldn't get a positive ID but always good to see Geese on the
c75 - BH Gulls
9 - Canadas
20 - Common Gulls
18 - Coots
5 - Goosander
1 - Greylag
2 - Jackdaw
20 - Lapwing
4 - LBB Gull
c75 - Mallard
3 - Moorhen
1 - Robin
2 - Tufted Duck
plus other common species & c50 skein of Geese.
male Mallards getting their colour back


male Goosander

female Goosander

Common Gull

Gulls & Goosanders

Skein of Geese

Redcar Tarn


  1. Thanks Brian always good to know what we saw and a local tick for Pink Footed geese as well.
    Sorry for the delay in reply our network has been down.

  2. My network (3) was down most of Sunday