Saturday 20 October 2012

Ogden Reservoir

Saturday October 20th a.m.
  I was up early this morning hoping to get a few sunrise pictures for some school
work, the conditions over Cullingworth were favorable so I manged to get a couple.
We headed for Ogden as we came nearer there was fog over Soil Hill and the
conditions for taking snaps were not as good as a they had been over Cullingworth.
Still although dull at Ogden at least it was dry with a temperature of 7°C made
walking very pleasant.Starting at the Promenade we saw a Cormorant in its usual
position on the float and another two were fishing just in front of us.There were c60
Mallards,22 BH Gulls and 9 Common Gulls in this area, we headed past the duck
feeding area seeing a couple of Robins towards the top end of the Reservoir.We
stopped at the small pond where we watched a Dipper for several minutes,our snaps
with the dull light were disappointing though.Further along 25 Jackdaws flew over but
otherwise thing were quiet as we walked round we finished up back at the Promenade,
seeing a Pied Wagtail and a small flock of c20 Woodpigeons in the distance.




Sunrise over Cullingworth


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  1. Nice Photos Danny, you bet me with the Cormorant getting it with outstretched wings.