Monday, 19 November 2012

Redcar Tarn LBB Gull

From Saturday November 17th a.m
 Thanks to Brian & Nigel for letting me know the LBB Gull I put on the post on
Saturday is a sub species, here are a few more snaps which I have added below
together with a couple of old LBB snaps.Not easy to see the differences but the
sub species certainly has duller legs and a more fierce looking face.
LBB sub 1

LBB sub 2

LBB Gull taken 13/2/12

LBB Gull taken 13/1/12

LBB Gull sub 3


  1. Good comparison photos there Danny.
    Nigel still can,t comment on your blog, he types a message then it doesnt accept it, the message just disappears , have you altered any settings recently.

  2. Thanks Brian.
    No settings have been altered, so not sure what is happening to Nigel's comments,everything seems OK this end.
    Will see if I can follow his site & put comments on there,may help.