Saturday, 17 November 2012

Redcar Tarn

Saturday November 17th a.m.
 The early morning rain cleared away leaving cloudy conditions slowly brightening
with a temperature of 6°C on our arrival at Redcar Tarn.There was a single female
Goosander on the water with a variety of Gulls.There were 60 Lapwings on the
island with a large flock in a nearby field, where there were some Starlings as well.
There were additional Starlings on an overhead wire up the road, walking round the
Tarn we saw a group of Chaffinch  and with them unusally for this site were some
Blue Tits & Goldfinch.
c75- BH Gull
4 - Blue Tit
4 - Canadas
10 - Chaffinch
25 - Common Gull
25 - Coot
2 - Goldfinch
1 - Goosander
c150 - Lapwing
4 - LBB Gull
c75 - Mallard
1 - Moorhen
c75 - Starling
8 - Tufted Duck
plus other common species
LBB Gull

female Goosander


BH Gull first winter

Common Gulls

Common Gull


  1. The LBB gull is one of a sub type species with the large fierce head and pink legs.
    NK has had 1 on 2 occasions at Ogden and they,ve also been seen at TMR
    NK tried to put a comment on about the gull but it wouldnt accept it ?

  2. Thanks Brian, something different for me to look out for there will try and see if I have some more pics and do a comparison to help me see the differences.
    Don't know why NK couldn't comment maybe a problem somewhere on the google/blog network,Nigel's comments are always welcome.