Sunday, 11 November 2012

Martin Mere 1

Sunday November 11th
 A trip out today to Martin Mere,Ormskirk in Lancashire,which is a Nature Reserve
run by The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust.On our arrival it was sunny with a temperature
of 5°C, although it did cloud over later in the day.As we got out of the car the first of many
skiens of Pink-footed Geese appeared overhead,the reserve holds thousands of these and
the other main attraction for us, well over a thousand Whooper Swans which spend the
winter on the reserve.Its been a year since our last visit so the scale of the numbers of birds
on the reserve was great to see again.We had a wonderful day and of course with the many
birds native to the UK and others from around the world not to mention the Otters both my
dad and I had plenty subjects to snap.Yes we did our usual and took far too many which will
take the rest of the week to sort through,but to start off with here are some Whooper Swans.
Whooper Swan

Black Swan surrounded by four Whoopers

The large numbers are a great spectacle

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