Monday, 7 January 2013

Barnacle Geese Review

What a memorable day Saturday was with our sighting of the Barnacle Geese and the
excellent pictures taken by Brian-West Yorkshire Birding blog and Dave-Pennine Skywatch
blog.Just shows what can happen with a routine visit, in this case to Leeshaw Reservoir, one
of the many local sites we go to fairly regularly.We knew that the Barnacle Geese was a rare
sighting for our area so we passed the news on to Brian, and thanks to him for spreading the
details for others to enjoy. We didn't realize how rare the sighting was until we read the reports
from Brian and Dave and seeing their wonderful pictures of the geese grazing in a nearby field.
There was even the bonus of some Pink-footed Geese,Canadas and Greylags that had joined them.
Here are a few more snaps that we took.
Barnacle Geese


  1. Quite a remarkable sighting.

  2. Thanks Nigel, sorry you missed them today.
    Good to see your blog back always enjoy reading your posts and a great start with the pair of Grey Plover!

  3. A great find you two and good that you got the message out so quickly giving others chance to see them. The only record that we know of for so many Barnacles in the area. Keep up the good work, you,re local heros now.
    Belting photos.

  4. Brilliant snaps Danny and love that tight formation!

  5. I perhaps have more snaps as well that would come up well.... will look see when a few minutes