Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Local Walk & Lister Park

Tuesday January 1st a.m.
 What a difference a day makes no torrential rain, dry blustery conditions and even a
bit of sunshine to start the first morning of the New Year.We took the dog for a walk round
the village with a temperature of 2°C and yes dry to start our 2013 bird list off locally.No
prize for guessing my first bird to go on the list was a Blackbird, quickly followed by Magpie,
Carrion Crow,Jackdaw,Collared Dove,Starling & Woodpigeon. There were a couple of
BH Gulls flying overhead then along our usual route pausing briefly near a Beech hedge where
we know birds nest, then right on que out popped a House Sparrow to pose on top of the hedge.
There were two Mistle Thrushes in a field and we also spotted Great Tits & Blue Tits in a tree as
we headed home. Here we added Chaffinch,Greenfinch,Goldfinch,Coal Tit  & a Robin which along
with birds seen on our walk were in the garden & on the feeders. Cullingworth Total 17.
 Then off to Lister Park to see what else we could add particularly from the Lake area, the sun was
brighter now and the temperature had risen to 4°C.The first additional birds seen were Feral Pigeons,
Canadas,Mallards,Coots,Moorhen,Common Gull & Tufted Duck. It was also good to see a Grey Heron
on the island, a couple of Dunnocks briefly coming out of the surrounding bushes and a pair of Song Thrushes which just missed having their photo taken as some walkers frightened them off.We had a look round the wooded area but was very quiet here which was a little disappointing with no new additions
from this usually good area.This took our total up to 27 for our 2013 list which is a good start for the
coming year.
Happy New Year to all and enjoy your birding with hopefully some continued drier weather.
Grey Heron

BH Gull

male Tufted Duck

Feral Pigeons enjoying some food left by someone

Lister Park, Bradford

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