Saturday 19 January 2013

Local Walk

Saturday January 19th a.m.
 With more snow over night we decided to take the dog through the village and down to
Hallas Bridge to see what birds were about.It was cold at -1°C but the snow was only
5cm deep so walking was OK but we had to take care on some of the steeper slopes.
BH Gulls & Corvids were moving overhead & we saw House Sparrows in their usual
spot, small groups of Tits were around and down Hallas Lane we saw a couple of Wrens.
As we started down to Hallas Bridge a Cormorant flew over heading East maybe to
Hewenden Reservoir & heading up the hill the other side of Hallas Bridge we had the bonus
of seeing a Kestrel.We headed back home with more birds than expected seen in the snowy

Hallas Beck

Hewenden Viaduct

Hallas Beck

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