Wednesday 6 February 2013

A Second Year of Birding

Wednesday February 6th
 As I come to the end of my second year of birding I thought it a good time for
a review.In this second year my list of species seen in the BOG area came to 92,
with an additional 33 seen on trips to Nature Reserves outside the area.This leads me
to think a total of 100 species is a realistic target for the BOG area in my third year.
 There have been a number of high points and as a young birder the number of 1st
sightings or lifers has grown over the last year.I was particularly pleased to see a
Green Woodpecker two days running on Harden Moor,hopefully that will be
repeated this year and who knows maybe I'll even see a Lesser Spotted Woodpecker to
complete the set.I was interested to see the report of seven Green Woodpeckers and a
LSW being seen in Regents Park in London,see on my blog list, I don't think that will happen
in the local Bradford area.
 Kestrel is always a great bird to see, and Red Kite generally in the Otley area,Sparrowhawks
I still have difficulty in seeing although was pleased to see one at Dowley Gap,Bingley
recently.Other than  these, raptors seem to be thin on the ground, for me anyway, but my ID
skills continue to improve and hopefully as I gain more experience I'll see more raptors.
 Apart from Little Owls this species seems to elude me but again hopefully that will change as
I gain experience.One thing I have learned is the more you know you understand how much
more about wildlife & birds there is to find out and it is an on going process.
 Here again as I did last year for a bit of fun is my second years top 10.

10. Little Gull - I saw these for the first time in September on a visit to the East coast of
Yorkshire at Hornsea Mere,it was clear how they got their name when I saw them next to
BH Gulls.
Little Gull 1/9/12

 9. Snipe - First seen at Redcar Tarn, Keighley in July,I was really pleased to get some pictures
of these elusive birds.
Snipe 16/7/12
 8. Green Woodpecker - A target bird for me during my second year and I was delighted to
see one on Harden moor in August and get a snap as well.
Green Woodpecker 4/8/12

7. Slavonian Grebe - A recent sighting at Knotford Nook, a rare winter visitor to the area.
Slavonian Grebe 3/2/13
6. Green Sandpiper - Another first for me of this uncommon bird which we saw at Old Moor
the RSPB Nature Reserve in October.
Green Sandpiper 21/10/12
5. Redshank - We saw a pair of these at Redcar Tarn which was unusual for this location but
we were able to get some close views of a normally flighty bird and some good snaps.
Redshank 20/4/12
4. Great Crested Grebe - We had some wonderful close views of a pair of these birds at
Harold Park in the early summer.It was good to watch each adult looking after a chick each
and feeding them.
Gt Crested Grebe with chick  7/5/12
3. Waxwing - These are wonderful birds and a treat to see them when they visit us from Northern
Europe in the Winter.After an ordinary mornings birding on a local walk we spotted three of these
birds within a hundred metres of home,thankfully they hung around long enough to get some decent
Waxwing 16/12/12
2. Kingfisher - I'm always excited to see Kingfishers and we managed to get a great view of one
perched on a fallen tree in the canal and Dowley Gap,Bingley.
Kingfisher 10/11/12
1. Barnacle Geese - On a routine visit to Leeshaw reservoir near Oxenhope we found a
flock of 36 Barnacle Geese on the water in a tight group.This proved to be one of the
largest flocks to be seen in the local BOG area, it was great to see these birds.We were
also able to pass the word on so others had chance to see them during their short stay.
Barnacle Geese 5/1/13


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  1. Well done on your 2nd year lads, an impressive top ten.
    Im sure you,ll top 100 in your 3rd year, we can safely say that you,ve got the birding bug now.