Saturday, 2 February 2013

Leeshaw,Leeming & Redcar Tarn

Saturday February 2nd a.m.
Leeshaw Reservoir
 A cold frosty start to the day but some sunshine for a change with a temperature
of -1°C on our arrival at Leeshaw. In the surrounding fields we saw 14 Greylags
who moved off soon after our arrival, there were Mallards,BH Gulls and a pair of
Goosander on the water. At the other end of the track there were 31 Canadas in
the next field and four Pheasants in some distant fields, it felt bitterly cold as I was
taking some snaps of the Canadas.
Leeming Reservoir
 The sun was brighter now with blue skies but still cold at 1°C,very quiet on the water
here with just Mallards,BH Gulls & Common Gulls.Plenty corvids about as we walked
round the reservoir, the mud was frozen on the path which made walking easier as we got
to the far end we saw some Blue Tits feeding in the trees.We made our way up the path
between the houses towards the road seeing 5 Greenfinch in the trees as we approached
the road.Also in this area we saw Collared Doves & Woodpigeon and as we headed back
to the car along the road we saw a House Sparrow with others chirping away.
Redcar Tarn
 Around 250 BH Gulls,c40 Common Gulls,c90 Mallards,c15 Coots were the bulk of the
birds here with Canadas & Greylags switching between nearby fields & the water.A LBB
Gull was stood on a stone seeing off any challengers to this prominent position and as we
walked round the tarn we saw 3 Pied Wagtails in the adjacent flooded field.The odd
Goldfinch was in the surrounding hedge and we spotted 5 Tufted Ducks on the water with
c30 Starlings feeding in a nearby field.
LBB Gull seeing off the opposition

Common Gull

Common & BH Gulls

drake Tufted Duck



Canadas at Leeshaw

Redcar Tarn

Redcar Tarn island full of Gulls

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