Saturday, 9 February 2013

Dowley Gap

Saturday February 9th a.m.
 A dull morning with a temperature of 3°C at Dowley Gap,Bingley as we walked along
the side of the canal with Mallards & a Greylag present.At the water works there were
a few BH Gulls & we saw Mistle Thrush. We took the track down towards the aqueduct
seeing Wrens,Pied Wagtails flitting about.In the settling tanks we saw c75 Pied Wagtails &
2 Grey Wagtails.We moved on to the Aqueduct but this is now closed off for renovation work
so we looked upstream of the River Aire and saw 5 Goosander & several Mallards on the
opposite bank.We then caught sight of another duck which was diving and after watching it for
 a while realized it was a Little Grebe, then a party of 6 Grey Wagtails landed in a tree on the
opposite bank.We watched these for a while then a walker appeared which scattered them &
a Kingfisher also took flight and so we headed back to the car.
Mistle Thrush

Little Grebe

Pied Wagtail


Grey Wagtail

Three Grey Wagtails

Can you see the four Grey Wagtails

River Aire at Dowley Gap looking towards Hirst Wood


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