Sunday, 30 June 2013

Leeming Reservoir

Sunday June 30th a.m.
 A cloudy morning with a strong wind blowing again & a temperature of 14°C. We counted 15
Jackdaws in the field next to the reservoir, the water was quiet, Mallards were at the edges on the
increasing shoreline. A Common Sandpiper was making a racket on top of a nearby wall & we saw
another on the edge of the water.A Grey Heron was flushed by a dog  walker & at the top end of
the reservoir there were two distant Kestrels. We caught up with the Grey Heron as we took a
different route back,it was perched on a bridge.We began to line a snap up when two joggers
appeared & you guessed it off flew the Heron.As we walked through a wooded area we saw a number
of Swallows & a male Pheasant took flight.We passed above the wall where the Common Sandpiper
was still making a din, also seeing a couple of Willow Warblers.We got back to the corner of the reservoir
where the overflow is & had one last scan of the water.Still quiet but we saw our Grey Heron again in
the top corner although well blended in with the stones behind, it was very easy to miss it.
Common Sandpiper

Grey Heron

Leeming Reservoir

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  1. Glad you checked Leeming today as there are a lot of Common Scoters about Halifax way. Tried to get to Leeshaw but no time.