Saturday, 29 June 2013

Lister Park

Saturday June 29th a.m.
 We arrived at Lister Park with cloudy skies & a temperature of 11°C.Here on the boating lake
were good numbers of Canadas,Mallards,Feral Pigeons & Tufted Ducks.There was also Moorhen
& Coots both having chicks & a few LBB Gulls were flying around one of which fed on the edge of
the lake with the Canadas & Feral Pigeons before going on to the water.There was a hybrid goose
which looked to have Canada & Greylag parents.In the trees at the side of the lake a party of Long-tailed Tits passed through.
  Higher up the park in the wooded area we saw two GSWs & a pair of Bullfinch with a solitary Swift
Moorhen chick

male Tufted going for a swim

male & female Tufted Ducks

LBB Gull

Hybrid Goose

Coot chick


LBB Gull,Canadas & Feral Pigeons

Lister Park

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  1. Strange why the water is that colour in parks, Wibsey,s the same., Good photos.