Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Redcar Tarn

Wednesday 14th August p.m.
 A quick evening visit to Redcar Tarn with a temperature of 16.5°C with cloudy skies & just
an occasional bit of sunshine.Good numbers of Canadas & Mallards,with some late Mallard
chicks, there were plenty Pied Wags some posing well for some good snaps particularly of the
30 - BH Gulls
52 - Canadas
1 - Chaffinch
11 - Coot
10 - Lapwing
3 - LBB Gull
c70 - Mallards + 3 chicks
8 - Pied Wags including Juvs
9 - Swallows
plus other common species
Pied Wag Juv

Pied Wag

now you see the Crane Fly

now you don't

Mallard chick


Pied Wag Juv posing for a snap


  1. Nice clear photos, hope you have a good day Saturday Birthday Boy.

  2. Thanks for the present,I like the Badgers on the card.