Saturday, 17 August 2013

Stocksbridge Nature Reserve

Saturday 17th August a.m.
 My dad went to the BOG members only reserve at Stocksbridge this morning, I had a lazy day,
here is his report with a few snaps.
 The morning started fairly bright but soon clouded over with a temperature of 15°C, soon after
arriving at the BOG hide it began to rain, fortunately later in the morning it did brighten up.The
first bird I saw was a Grey Heron, there were plenty other common species around particularly on
the feeders & as I was joined by a fellow member a Kingfisher made a brief appearance on the wire
in front of the hide.
 It was good to have a birder who regularly visits this site as he was used to where some birds are
likely to appear which I would not have spotted.We saw a couple of Whitethroats,Reed Warbler,
Willow Warbler & Song Thrush.A cock Pheasant was trying to woo a hen Pheasant with no luck,
the Grey Heron watched without moving. A stag Deer went across the reserve giving us a good
view of it.A male Kingfisher  landed on the wire in front of the hide long enough for a couple of snaps
before going to a stick in front of the Bulrushes in the distance.It was good to see a couple of Coal Tits
on the feeders as well as some LT Tits which I've not seen for a while.House Martins flew overhead &
some Swallows flew onto the island some of them were juveniles been fed by the adults.A few
Woodpigeons were flying around one posing nicely for a while on top of a tree stump, a Wren also
appeared and together with other species a good variety of birds were seen during the morning.
male Kingfisher


Grey Heron

Coal Tit

Cock & Hen Pheasant

Stag Deer


Long-tailed Tit

Pheasants & Grey Heron

distant Kingfisher

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