Friday, 30 May 2014

Cullingworth Walk

Friday 30th May a.m.
 The day started off dull & overcast with a temperature of 7°C as we took the dog for a different
route around the village.The first part of our walk took us to where we have seen warblers in recent
weeks, we were walking through wet grass along the footpath after all the recent rain.The first good
sighting was not a bird but a very pale coloured Deer, & warblers were in short supply, just the one
Willow Warbler. Other birds were present though & we got good views of Goldfinch,Greenfinch,
Siskin & LT Tits.We then went back to the main road & took a route roughly NW of the village,this
led to some different habitat where we saw Mipits,Linnets,Coal Tit,Willow Warbler,Sparrowhawk,
Chiffchaff & Wren.We later saw a group of Gulls which seemed mainly to be LBBs but others could
have been among them.We took plenty snaps as usual, but they never seem as good when you don't
have the sunlight & a bit of blue sky for the background.
Willow Warbler


LT Tit



pair of Linnet



RL Partridge

LBB Gull

LBB Gulls with maybe a few others in the mix

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