Saturday, 24 May 2014

Harden Moor & Redcar Tarn

Saturday 24th May a.m.
 We started the morning off on an overcast Harden Moor with a temperature of 9°C where
there were plenty birds around.It was difficult to ID some of them as they disappeared in to trees
& bushes now in full leaf.The Cuckoo was seen & heard in the distance then later it flew by pursued
by two other small birds probably Mipits.There was a very vocal Sony Thrush & we also saw Mistle
Thrush & a Little Owl flew out of a tree as we approached.The Sand Martins were still present with
others seen being Bullfinch,Linnet,Willow Warbler & Wren.Difficult for taking snaps in the poor light
so I have added a couple I took here in last weeks sunshine.
 We then moved over to Redcar Tarn where there were BH Gulls & a LBB Gull,Coots,Mallards,
Canadas & Tufted Ducks on the water,a little brighter here with a temperature of 10.5°C.Skylarks
& Lapwings were in the surrounding fields, & at the small pond we could see four Moorhen chicks.
We also got a distant view of a small bird which we thought might be Sedge Warbler but we were not certain, we did get a distant snap.We also had a fly over of two Oystercatchers & a couple of Swifts
were overhead & Swallows were over the water.
BH Gull 1st summer

BH Gull

LBB Gull

female Mallard with three chicks

Mallard chick

Moorhen chicks

possible Sedge Warbler

Linnet taken on Harden Moor last week

Song Thrush taken last week was very vocal again this morning

BH Gull 1st Summer taken at Redcar Tarn 24/5/2014


  1. I'm impressed with your SONY Thrush and just as impressed with your definite Sedge Warbler. Great pics once again.