Monday, 16 June 2014

Yeadon Tarn

Monday 16th June a.m.
 A dull morning with a temperature of 14°C on our arrival at Yeadon Tarn.Here we saw the usual
birds Mallards,Coots,Canadas,Moorhen,Mute Swans & Great Crested Grebes.The place seemed
to be full of chicks with Coots,Moorhen,Canadas all being successful & even the GC Grebes had a
chick.The GC Grebe chick looked as though it might take a Coot chick for its breakfast at one
point.Overhead were Swallows,House Martins & Swift as we enjoyed our walk round the Tarn.
Coot chick

Coot feeding chick

Coot chick after keeping out of trouble & eating well

GC Grebe


GC Grebe with chick

Grebe chick having a go at the Coot chick


Moorhen youngster

Canadas with two Goslings

Coot families

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