Saturday, 23 August 2014


Saturday 23rd August a.m.
 A bright start to the day although a little chilly with a temperature of 8°C on our arrival at
Leeshaw Reservoir this morning.There were Canadas in the field below the Reservoir &
a Little Owl was enjoying the early morning sunshine in its usual position.There were a lot
of Mipit,Swallows & Goldfinch around, the water though was deserted of any birds.A couple
of LBB Gulls & a Cormorant were on the top end shoreline & Lapwings were in distant fields.
A couple of Wheatears came through moving along a wall in the sunshine, a Kestrel was hovering
above the Heather in the distance & several Pied Wagtails were seen.
 We moved location to the other side of the reservoir just below Pennistone Hill, again there were
plenty Mipits about.We heard a bird in some trees & waited to see if we could see anything, then
finally a couple of Willow Warblers showed themselves.Also hear we saw a Reed Bunting &
several Grouse in the Heather & one in a field.
Thanks to NK for letting me know with the Wheatear there is a Whinchat in my snap a great bird for
me & a site first for Leeshaw.
Willow Warbler


Pied Wagtail

Meadow Pipit

Reed Bunting

Whinchat & Wheatear

Willow Warbler

Leeshaw 23/8/2014


  1. Pic no. 10 shows the bird on the left of the Wheatear is a Whinchat, I wish I could get those two in the same frame! You did well today with a Reed Warbler seen at such a location.

  2. Wow! a Whinchat Nigel, not seen one of them for 3 years.Just goes to show I shouldn't make assumptions after seeing the Wheatear & thinking the second bird was the same.Thanks for letting
    me know will go back & do some hasty editing now.
    Glad you liked the willow Warbler John, sometime the sun light is just in the right place when the bird pauses for a few seconds.

  3. Cracking shots and a nice surprise Whinchat. I think you meant Reed Bunting, not Reed Warbler, ??

  4. Thanks Brian,yes your right bit more editing to do now.

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