Sunday, 31 August 2014

Redcar Tarn

Sunday 31st August a.m.
 A good start to the day with some pleasant sunshine & a temperature of 13°C on our arrival at
Redcar Tarn.Always plenty birds to see here even if they are common species like Mallard,Coot,
Moorhen,BH Gull,Starling,LBB Gull,Rook,Jackdaw & Swallow.There were a high number of
Juvenile LBB Gulls, Pied Wags also made a few appearances on the edge of the water.Good to
see a few House Martins also over the water & as we walked round Lapwings were in the field
at the back of the Tarn with Starlings & BH Gulls.We also caught up with the Muscovy Ducks
which were with the same four chicks we saw on our last visit making us sure they are theirs.
A walk up the road to where the muck pile is seeing along the way a couple of Linnets which
posed in the sunshine for a couple of snaps.The field held BH Gulls which were once again
stamping their feet, & one we watched as it feathered the ground with its tail,not seen that before.
The muck pile had several Pied Wags,Meadow Pipits & Starlings looking for some juicy morsels.
Also here several Goldfinch & a single Common Gull rounding off a good morning.

Juvenile Pied Wag

Pied Wag

BH Gull

LBB Gull

Juvenile LBB Gull



Muscovy Ducks with chicks


Redcar Tarn 31/8/2014

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