Thursday, 12 May 2016

Harden Moor

Thursday 12th May a.m.
 A decent morning with a temperature of 11°C and some sunshine to bring the warblers out stating with Whitethroat,the usual Willows and the bonus of a couple of Garden Warblers.A good surprise when I walked along the path was to see an Oystercatcher in front of me, not seen one on Harden Moor before.The Sand Martins and Little Owl were in their usual spot and others seen were Bullfinch,Redpoll & Kestrel.The highlight though at this time of year is hearing the sound of the Cuckoo and getting a few views as it moved around.I heard it at one point as I was on a path through some trees and just before I came out into the open I saw the Cuckoo and was able to get a couple of pictures through the branches.N.P.


Garden Warbler


Lesser Redpoll

Cuckoo on Harden Moor 12/5/2016


  1. Some lovely photos Nigel and some great birds there.
    The Cuckoo photos will take some beating.
    Nice one.

  2. Thanks John,I got lucky with the Cuckoo.N.P.