Friday 13 May 2016

Cullingworth Dipper Day

Friday 13th May a.m.
 A cool start at just 8°C with cloud over head but my spirits soon rose as I saw House Martins over the village as I set off on my walk.We also saw Swifts over the village earlier in the week so the full set of summer birds seem to have returned to the local area now.Some common species were seen through the village and on the path to the Great Northern Trail a GSW flew away.Willow Warblers, Chiffchaff & a Blackcap were all present and three Swifts were over the viaduct.The reservoir looked deserted so I took a different route under the viaduct and followed Hewenden Beck.The camera had seen very little action so far only a Greenfinch and a Song Thrush had made their presence felt.Along the banks of the Beck the Bluebells were out with their scent filling the air, a few pictures were in order here.Then I spotted a Dipper down stream and got a couple of poor pictures before it flew off.I soon caught up with it along with a second bird but was unable to get a decent picture as they moved around.
 Further along the now Hallas Beck I caught up with another Dipper this one had a Juvenile with it which was begging for food.Here I was able to watch the Dippers for a good ten minutes as the Juvenile kept pestering the adult for food.The adult seemed to be tempting the juvenile into the water to teach it to catch some food, but the youngster was having none of it and waited until the adult finally caught it some food.It was great to watch them and of course get a few pictures for Danny's blog.N.P.

Dipper Juvenile

Juvenile begging for food

Hallas Beck

Hewenden Beck Bluebells 13/5/2016


  1. Super photos - especially the juv. Dipper begging to be fed.

  2. Cracking pics, loving the juvenile on the beg!

  3. Cracking pics, loving the juvenile on the beg!

  4. Thanks for the comments it was great to watch the persistent juvenile.N.P.