Saturday 28 May 2016

Redcar Tarn

Saturday 28th May a.m.
A sunny morning with a temperature of 10°C up at Redcar Tarn where a walk round produced the regular species we see here.Good breeding success for Coots,Mallards and Moorhen with plenty chicks to be seen.There were around twenty LBB Gulls with a mixture of different ages and there were also a few BH Gulls.
 We went across the road to look at the pond to find the new cemetery development was moving on at pace so much of this field is now mud and hardcore as it is levelled, the pond nearly all gone.There was a little bit of green further back for an Oystercatcher and several Lapwings to make the most of before it disappears.
LBB Gull 3rd Summer


Canadas and Mute Swan

Coot chick

Coots with chicks

Mallard with chicks

Moorhen with chicks

Mute Swan


Across the road new cemetery development

not much left of the pond

Oystercatcher finds some green left

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