Sunday, 5 June 2016

Harden Moor

Sunday 5th June a.m.
Another misty start to the day which was slow to clear making finding birds hard work this morning, we started with a temperature of 10°C.The Sand Martins are reliable here and there were c20 of them around, they were also joined by a couple of Swallows and later a couple of Swifts.A Curlew was seen in the distance and we had three Mallards fly over , also  two LBB Gulls flew over.The Cuckoo was heard throughout our visit but we didn't spot it once.A Kestrel was in the quarry and nearby a Little Owl was seen and also a couple of Oystercatchers and Redpolls, plenty Mipits around with other common species.The hightlights for us was seeing several Whitethroats, one of which was collecting food and taking a good selection for its chicks.



Little Owl


Whitethroat catching plenty food for its chicks