Saturday, 18 June 2016

Harold Park

Saturday 18th June p.m.
 A quick afternoon visit to Harold Park where it was 16°C with dull overcast conditions but at least it was dry.We headed for the lake where there were a good number of Canadas along with the expected other species.The highlight was seeing the pair of Great Crested Grebes with four young chicks, spending most of their time riding on one of the adults back.The other adult was looking for food and coming back with small fish possibly Sticklebacks.A couple of Swifts were overhead as we went up to the small pond where there were more Canadas with some large goslings.
Great Crested Grebe with its chicks

Coot with chick

Canada Gosling

Canadas and Goslings at Harold Park 18/6/2016


  1. Great to see GCG chicks getting a piggy-back - lovely photos.

  2. Thanks John, its been a real treat to see them at Harold Park over the last few years.