Friday, 11 November 2016

Bolton Abbey

Friday 11th November p.m.
 A fine afternoon with some good spells of sunshine and a temperature of 8°C.I started off at the Cavendish Pavilion and had a gentle stroll up to the strid alongside the river Wharfe before walking back seeing a few birds along the way. There were a good number of Mallards but they were out numbered by Mandarin Ducks with a count of 78 as I walked upstream.Also good to see a couple each of Dippers and Goosanders, a Grey Wagtail and Coal Tit.This area is very picturesque so I took quite a few pictures here are a couple of them.N.P.
male Mandarin

female Mandarin



Grey Wagtail

River Wharfe at the Strid

Cavendish Pavilion at Bolton Abbey 11/11/2016


  1. Some nice pics there Danny, love the Dipper and the walk around Bolton Abbey it's a cracking place to go.

  2. Thanks Dave, I should go more often but don't always get the chance.N.P.