Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lister Park

Sunday 11th March a.m.
 A reasonable start to the day with the sun trying to break through when I reached Lister Park with a temperature of 4°C.I headed for the Lake where there were good numbers of birds including c50
Canadas, 19 Greylags, 32 Tufteds, c50 BH Gulls plus the usual. It's that time of year for the Coots to be squabbling and they didn't let me down with a couple of decent pictures. As I was walking round the Lake I heard a GSW drumming so after completing my lap of the Lake I went in search.I found it a bit higher in the Park also seeing Nuthatch and enjoying the Crocus which are blooming. A Wren was singing which stayed long enough for a picture, also seen Goldcrest, Robin and Collared Dove.




Common Gull


Tufted Duck

Coots Squabbling

Lister Park Crocus

Lister Park 11/3/2018

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