Saturday, 15 December 2018

Cullingworth Fields

Saturday 15th December a.m.
On the edge of Cullingworth there are fields where you get a build up of gulls during Winter so I decided to check them out on my way home.The sky was still cloudy and the temperature was 0°C as I pulled up to the first field where there were around 250 Gulls.With these were c50 Lapwings and c50 Starlings.I moved to the next field where there were c500 Gulls mainly Black-headed but good numbers of Common and Herring with less LBB Gulls.Also in this field were Jackdaws and Rooks.The large numbers made quite a spectacle and even more so when they occasionally lifted blocking out the sky.

Common Gull

Herring Gulls in the foreground

Herring & BH Gulls

BH,Common & Herring Gulls

Rooks & Jackdaws with the Gulls

Cullingworth Fields 15/12/2018

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