Friday, 9 April 2021

Reservoir Tour

 Friday 9th April a.m.

  A bright morning with a temperature of 7°C as I pulled up on the track at Leeshaw Reservoir where there was two Little Owls in their normal location.  Redshanks were moving around as were Oystercatchers, Curlew and Lapwings.

  My next stop was Leeming Reservoir where it was good to see three Sand Martins feeding over the water where there were four Tufteds.  A Chaffinch was in competition with a Chiffchaff to see who was the most vocal, others were Jay, Bullfinch, Canadas, Pied Wagtail and Oystercatcher.

  Finally I went to the BOG members only Reservoir a short drive up the road and through the locked gates following a Red-legged Partridge up the track to the parking spot.  Also here was a Pheasant, several Mipits and two Oystercatchers on the wall alongside the Reservoir.  I walked along the track through the Sheep and saw a Pied Wagtail, on the water were twenty or so large gulls and a couple of Tufteds.  By now another smaller bird was between the Oystercatchers which was difficult to ID from distance but as I got closer it was a Dunlin.  I passed them heading towards the hide the Oystercatchers flew off but the Dunlin dropped to the other side of the wall.  It soon came back on to the wall which meant I got a close view and some decent pictures.


Dunlin & Oystercatchers

Little Owl







Leeming Reservoir 9/4/2021


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