Friday 22 June 2012

Garden Visitors

Friday 22nd June
 Rain all day today with a temperature of just 10°C, had a good start to the day though
with some early morning visitors.I caught site of a bird in the garden and ran upstairs to have
a better view through the window,to my surprise it was a Jay checking out our bird feeders.I
ran to get my camera and needless to say by the time I was ready to take a snap it had gone.
Fortunately for me it had only gone into neighboring gardens where I saw a second Jay, they
were having more success on their feeders and so I was able to get a couple of distant snaps
through the window.There were also Collared Doves and Woodpigeons in our garden which
didn't seem too happy to see the Jays.
 It doesn't look too good this weekend weather wise for birding but no doubt we'll try and find
some where to go where its not raining too heavily.


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