Friday, 15 June 2012

Lister Park,Bradford

Friday 15th June p.m.
 A quick visit to Lister Park with sunshine and heavy showers and a temperature of 13°C.
There were plenty Canadas,Tufted Ducks and Coots.Some Coot chicks were growing well
and there were Moorhens on the grass.There were also a lot of feathers in the water so the
birds were well on with their moult before growing new feathers.After a brief rest bite from the
rain the heavens opened and after sheltering under a tree  the rain eased a little and so we made a
hasty retreat to the car and home.
c100 - Canadas
c40 - Mallards
20 - Tufted Duck
10 - Coot plus chicks
7 - Moorhen
c50 Feral Pigeons
plus others.
female Tufted Duck

male & Female Tufted Ducks


Coot chick growing well

Canadas with Hybrid Goose behind

Trying to shelter in the rain

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