Saturday, 30 June 2012

Leeshaw,Ogden and Soil Hill

Saturday June 30th a.m.
Leeshaw Reservoir
 It was cloudy when we arrived at Leeshaw Reservoir with a temperature of 11.5°C. The
first birds we saw were 27 Greylags on the water, there were also 8 Canadas and 3
Mallards. There were good numbers of Lapwings several which had young chicks which
was good to see, also we saw 4 Oystercatchers and 3 Curlew.Others included Pheasant,
Meadow Pipit,Swift,Swallow,LBB Gull and as we were leaving we saw a Kestrel in the
fields below.
Ogden Reservoir
It was quiet at Ogden with the only birds we saw being,BH Gull,Canadas,LBB Gull and Mallards.
Soil Hill
With it being quiet at Ogden we decided to try our luck on the top of Soil Hill, the conditions
were quite good with sunshine,only the one shower and not too blustery a wind, the
temperature was 14°C. We walked up the track by the mast seeing Carrion Crow,Lapwings
and Skylark the latter we don't see very often so that was good.We then walked back along the
road seeing Swallows and took another track which looked over Ogden. Here we saw a
Kestrel which was working along the track looking for food.Every time we got close though it
moved so we found a wall to sit on and eventually it came near enough for a decent snap.The
Swallows were visiting a mud patch below us,maybe gathering mud for some nest repairs.We
walked back along the road catching sight of a second Kestrel making this rare trip to the Hill
worth while.
Soil Hill Kestrel 1

Leeshaw Lapwing


Soil Hill Kestrel 2

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