Sunday, 24 June 2012

Harold Park & Park Dam, Bradford

Sunday June 24th a.m
 Another dull start to day but a gradual improvement with the sun finally breaking through
by mid morning, the temperature 10°C and steadily rising.We started off at Harold Park
where it was good to see the pair of Great Crested Grebes, we saw one of the chicks we
had seen earlier in the year,maybe best described as a juvenile now.One of the adults was
back on the nest under the tree canopy so it might be starting a second brood.
16 - Canadas
8 - Coot plus chicks
2 - Collared Dove
2  - Gt C. Grebe + Juv.
c25 - Mallards,one female with 6 young chicks
4 - Moorhen
1 - Mute Swan
2 - Swift
2 - Tufted Duck
 From here we moved a short distance down the road to Park Dam, where the pair of
Mute Swans had six healthy cygnets.Among the Coots one pair had three small chicks,
there was also a pair of Gt. C Grebes here with two large chicks, and what looked like
a second brood of young chicks being carried on the adults back.
4 - Canadas
8 - Coots + 3chicks
2 - Gt. C. Grebe + 4 chicks
2 - House Martins
6 - Mallards
2 - Mute Swans + 6 Cygnets
3 - Swift
4  - Tufted Duck
plus other usual species.
Mute Swan

Mute Swan with Cygnets


Coot Chick

Juvenile Gt C. Grebe at Harold Park 

Mallard with chicks

Gt C. Grebes with two sets of chicks

Great Crested Grebe family at Park Dam


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