Saturday, 4 August 2012

Harden Moor

Saturday August 4th a.m.
  A dull start to the day with a temperature of 14°C but very pleasant for walking.We
went up to Harden Moor first seeing a pair of Reed Bunting, there were plenty birds singing
and we saw several Willow Warblers and Wrens. Although there were a lot of bird around
it was quite difficult spotting them as there was plenty of lush vegetation for them to take cover in.
We saw House Martins feeding overhead and a couple of Goldfinch flew past,as we walked
past a tree there was a fluttering of wings as a bird broke cover.We watched as it landed on a
fence post in the distance, through our bins we saw our first Green Woodpecker, and took a few
record snaps.Wonderful to see this bird for the first time and a great mornings early birding.
Green Woodpecker

Willow Warbler

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