Sunday 19 August 2012

Lister Park

Sunday Aug 19th a.m.
 The morning started off overcast but the sun soon broke through making it a
pleasant morning at Lister Park with a start temperature of 15°C.There were
Canadas on the lake when we arrived which began to move out onto the grass
where others were already eating in front of Cartwright Hall.There were several
BH Gulls with others swelling the numbers from nearby roof tops as the morning
wore on, we also saw a LBB Gull flying around the lake.There were the usual
Mallards,Coots,Moorhen and Tufted Ducks, a pair of Coots had three young chicks.
Also a Grey Heron was on the boats moored by one of the islands hunting for fish, we
watched it for a while, it did not seem to be bothered by our presence and eventually
it caught a large fish.Also round the lake we saw a Grey Wagtail,Feral Pigeons,Robin
and a Dunnock.
  We followed the steam higher up the Park seeing Chaffinch,Blackbird and a Nuthatch
briefly on the ground,probably enjoying the Beech Nuts which were ripe on the ground.
There were also plenty Grey Squirrels also enjoying these high in the trees, another
enjoyable morning at Lister Park with a good selection of birds.
Grey Heron

Grey Heron with its breakfast

One of many Grey Squirrels

Grey Wagtail

Hybrid Goose with Canada in the background

male Tufted Duck

Lister Park gardens

Lister Park Lake


  1. Real cool Grey Heron shots, well done.

  2. Did well to get the Heron, hope you had a good birthday.