Sunday, 5 August 2012

Harden Moor and St. Ives

Sunday August 5th a.m.
  The day was brightening and the sun appeared as we arrived at the opposite side of Harden
 Moor from yesterday.From the car park on Keighley road we took a path taking us on the top
edge of Deep Cliff Wood hear we caught a fleeting glimpse of a GSW before the path took us
to the edge of the moor.As we walked up here a bird was on the large stone which formed
part of the path,using the bins I couldn't believe it another Green Woodpecker,  my second in
two days.Needless to say it flew away, we followed catching sight of it fly into a tree,then as a
dog and its owner headed towards the tree along the path it flew off again joined by another
Green Woodpecker. We didn't see them again and the area was quiet so we headed back to the
car and down to St Ives.
 On the Coppice Pond there were 30 Canadas,along with Mallards,Coots and Moorhen, from
the hide we saw Coal tit,Great Tit,Nuthatch,Robin and of course a couple of Grey Squirrels.
 We called back to the other side of Harden Moor on our way home seeing a Kestrel and a
couple of Swallows, with plenty Butterflies enjoying the sunshine,I think they were mainly of the
Meadow Brown species but don't hold me to that.

Grey Squirrel

Canadas at St Ives

Hewenden Viaduct in the distance taken from just above Deep Cliff Wood

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