Sunday, 5 August 2012

Local Walk

Sunday August 5th a.m.
 An overcast start to the day with a temperature of 13°C taking the dog for a walk to
Hallas Bridge.Good to see a good number of Swift still over the village and plenty Starlings
on the roof tops.We headed down Hallas Lane where there was a small group of House
Martins feeding overhead,one of three groups we saw,also on the overhead lines was a
good number of Swalows.We stopped at Hallas Bridge and after a few minutes a Dipper
emerged from the water going onto a rock in the water,I always enjoy seeing these birds.
Heading home we caught sight of a couple of Wrens flying into the undergrowth along with
other usual species.
1 - Dipper
13 - House Martin
9 - house Sparrow
15 - Starling
13 - Swallow
9 - Swift
2 Wren
plus others

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