Sunday, 26 August 2012

Leighton Moss Nature Reserve

Sunday August 26th a.m.
  It was an overcast but dry start to the day with a temperature of 13°C as we made our
way through the Yorkshire Dales and to the West coast.We arrived at the hides on the
edge of Morecambe Bay in good time and were immediately rewarded with some good
birds to see.There were several Little Egrets, and good numbers of Lapwings and
Redshank along with the odd Greenshank.The hides are in the process of being replaced
so we could only use Allen Hide with the Eric Morecambe new hide not ready for use yet.
  We then moved to the main Leighton Moss reserve, we started off  in Lilian's hide where
we saw c100 Coots and other usual species but the highlight here was when we saw a
Marsh Harrier.
   We moved around the various hides with the other highlights coming from the Public Hide,
from here we saw our first Great Black-backed Gull which was stood on an island in the
lake.Then a Hobby was pointed out to us in a distant tree, another first, rounding off a good
morning.We headed back to the car to eat our packed lunch just reaching it before the rain
came.This meant we had to head home, as we drove through the Dales the rain was torrential,
I don't remember that being forecast, still whats new there!
Little Egret

Great Black-backed Gull



two of several Pheasant Juvs

Lapwing,Little Egret and Redshank

Leighton Moss Nature Reserve

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  1. Little Egret would have been a mega for this location, last time I went some 20 years ago. Some crackin shots there and a great day out.