Friday, 10 August 2012

Gibraltar Point,Lincolnshire

From Thursday August 9th
 Whilst on holiday this week at Skegness we decided to go to the nearby Gibraltar Point
Nature Reserve.It was a good start to the day with sunshine and a temperature of 17°C,
there were a variety of birds to be seen from the various hides.These included Avocet,
Black-tailed Godwits,Cormorant,Greenshank,Lapwing,Little Egret,Pheasant,Ruff,
Spoonbill,Starling and Terns.They were some distance away which made ID difficult for
which type of Tern,we had some help from other birders with the ID for the Greenshank.
  There were also viewing platforms which looked out over the Wash where we could see
a large number of Gulls in the distance along with other birds on the sand and mudflatts
which we could not ID.Making our way back to the visitor center we saw a Kestrel which
was hovering looking for food.


Little Egret



Black-tailed Godwit


Lapwing & Starling

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