Saturday, 5 January 2013

Barnacle Geese at Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday January 5th, 9:00 - 9:40a.m.
 It was a cloudy but mild start to the day with a temperature of 8°C on our arrival at
Leeshaw Reservoir where things looked promising with 27 BH Gulls on the Dam wall
& a Kestrel on top of a telegraph pole.A male Pheasant was strolling across a field and nine
Canadas flew across in front of us.We then moved position around the track next to the reservoir
& walked along looking for birds on the water.We were in for a shock as we saw a tightly
grouped flock of black & white geese on the water,no not canadas but 35 Barnacle Geese what a
fantastic sight they were too.We off course got the cameras out and took some snaps, a
Cormorant landed in its usual spot on top of the tower and we saw another four male Pheasants
in the surrounding fields.
 We then went to Leeming Reservoir on our way home seeing another Kestrel here and two
Dippers where the reservoir overflow enters the stream.We walked round the reservoir seeing
Long-tailed Tits,Blue Tits,Great Tits,Mallards,Common Gull,Robin & other common species.
Then we went home and passed on the Barnacle Geese sighting to Brian,who managed to catch
up with them later in the day and had a great day, read his full report on the West Yorkshire Birding
 Then later in the day going through Denholme on our way to Queensbury at 12:15p.m. in the car
we spotted two skiens of Pink-footed Geese overhead, they were very close together 50+ in each
group as they went over TMR.
Barnacle Geese

Correction 36 Barnacle Geese counted on this snap


Kestrel at Leeming

Leeshaw Reservoir


  1. A great find Danny/ Nigel, more than you know. To find a Barnacle goose in our area is rare, to find so many is a mega. Alerted DCB and HC after your call so luckily a few managed to see them.
    A great days work, keep em coming.

  2. Fantastic record Danny and great snaps as well. Understand that after we got them in the adjacent field (got BS on them there as well!) that later on BV had them back on the water.... so everyone happy! Will get a link to your site on mine when I can get to a PC..... meanwhile good birding and be sure get out / find some more!! Dave, (HC and RHP). Incedentally your pinks are different to ours, as are the ones on the Bradford page so that just gives an indication of the true magnitude of this first Pink push move which happens every year about this time when conditions are right (Also shows how easy it is to overlook them when eyes just to the ground!)....

  3. Just to let you know Danny that NK is back in action and put your link back on his blog.

  4. Nice one with the Barnacle Geese Danny. Your report of them got through to me via the Calderdale Birding Grapevine but I was over on the East coast so couldn't follow it up. The last time I saw so many Barnacle Geese in West Yorks was up at Light Hazzles Res a few years back.