Saturday, 8 April 2017

Sizergh Castle

Saturday 8th April a.m.
 A cold frosty start to the morning with a temperature of -1°C as I made my way through the Yorkshire Dales heading for Kendal.I arrived just before 8a.m. with the sun out but still feeling cold, I headed through the car park to the cafe. Here I was lucky to catch the last bird watching event of this year held by the Warden of the Sizergh Castle Estate. There were around 35 other birders on the veranda of the cafe looking across the car park where some seed had been put down about 40 meters away.This area of the car park had been coned off to give us a better view of the area.
 On the seeds I saw Bullfinch,Greenfinch,Chaffinch,Gt Tit,Nuthatch,Dunnock and Jackdaw but these were not what we had come to see.In the distance I saw three Jays and nearer a couple of Song Thrush and a Pied Wagtail made an appearance on the frost covered table in front of the cafe veranda.Then the Warden said he could hear a bird and he saw it fly across to the trees near the seeds on the ground.The warden explained that they are attracted to this area by the seed from the Hornbeam Trees.He then pointed out the bird was on the ground and I saw a Hawfinch for the first time a real treat even though it was some distance away.It soon flew off and it was a while before we saw a second bird and later a third after which I headed home happy having a lifer to add to my list.

Bullfinch and Hawfinch

Hawfinch, Bullfinch and Greenfinch

Hawfinch and Gt Tit


Pied Wagtail on a frost covered table

Song Thrush

Hawfinch and others at Sizergh Castle 8/4/2017


  1. Stonking Hawfinch - nice one Nigel.

  2. Thanks John, I was really pleased to see the Hawfinch for the first time.