Sunday, 4 June 2017

Lister Park

Sunday 4th June a.m.
 A fairly bright morning with a temperature of 11°C as I headed for the Lake at Lister Park.There were 40 large Gulls here which usually only turn up in two and threes, they were mainly LBB with some Herring Gulls all of different ages.There were c85 Canadas and 20 Greylags with the usual Tufted Ducks,Mallards,Moorhen and Coots.Overhead were six House Martins and a Swift swooped several times over the water for a drink.
 I went up to the stream which runs through the botanical gardens finding a Collared Dove on top of a conifer which was the ousted by a Jay.Others seen were Mistle Thrush,Pied Wagtail,Robin and Wren.
LBB Gull

LBB Gull sub adult

Herring Gull second summer

Herring Gull first & second summer

Large Gulls


Tufted Duck

Collared Dove


Mistle Thrush

Pied Wagtail

Stream through the gardens

Lister Park Lake 4/6/2017

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