Saturday, 12 August 2017

Cullingworth to Hewenden Reservoir

Saturday 12th August a.m.
 A poor morning with dark skies and regular rain showers, the temperature was 12°C as I headed off towards Hewenden Reservoir.There were fifteen House Martins Feeding high over the village then as I got nearer the reservoir a mixed flock of birds which included Blackcap,Willow Warbler, Blue, Great and LT Tits.On the other side of the farm house the overhead wires had good numbers of House Martins,Sand Martins,Swallows,Linnets,Greenfinch and Goldfinch.These tendered to stay on the wires whilst it rained then as soon as the shower past they lifted and began to feed, the Linnets and Greenfinch going on to the ground in the distance.A Grey Heron was at the edge of the reservoir a Kestrel also appeared and on my way back there was a Pied Wagtail.
House Martin

House Martin Juvs

House Martin adult & Juv

Sand Martin


Swallow & House Martin

Greenfinch & Linnet

Grey Heron

Pied Wagtail

Willow Warbler


Hewenden Reservoir 12/8/2017