Saturday, 26 August 2017

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 26th August a.m.
A bright start with some early morning sunshine at Leeshaw with a temperature of 13°C where I got off to a great start as a large bird flew nearby as I pulled in the parking spot under the trees.The bird flew down the track and perched on the wall at the bottom, I knew it was a raptor but the rush was on to get the camera out of the bag and set up for a record shot.It was some distance away so I drove slowly down the track as close as I dare then with the window down I was able to get some decent pictures of the Buzzard before it was off not to be seen again.
 I then parked up in my usual spot with Greylags and Canadas in the field above as well as a good number of Mipits, a Cormorant was on the tower and there were a few LBB Gulls at the edge of the water.Further up the track I saw a couple of Curlew and on a distant wall there were three Wheatear and a Kestrel was hunting in the distance.A couple of Swallows were still around as I packed up and headed home.



Distant Wheatear

Leeshaw 26/8/2017


  1. Nice Buzzard Nigel, do you need a pass to get onto Leeming Res or can anyone walk around there ?.

  2. Thanks Dave.
    At Leeming there is a well worn footpath that is used by many dog walkers so there is no problem walking round the Reservoir.
    Leeshaw is different and the Reservoir is kept private by Yorkshire Water so you have to stick to the track to get views of the Reservoir.