Sunday, 4 February 2018

Cullingworth & Hewenden Reservoir

Sunday 4th February a.m.
 Some early morning sunshine as I headed for Hewenden reservoir with a temperature of 1°C, on the way I saw five Collared Doves.Looking at the Reservoir from the viaduct it was good to see three Mute Swans at the top end along with three Goosanders, on the dam wall were c50 BH Gulls with six Commons.At the far end of the viaduct I saw a Drake Goldeneye in the corner of the reservoir, then as I walked further along it was good to see M.D. who had just arrived.
  As I walked towards the top end of the reservoir there was a snow shower to contend with which soon cleared and I was able to take a couple of pictures of c50 Canadas grazing, by the time I reached my viewing point it was clear again.From here I saw four Teal another Drake Goldeneye and a female,five each of Tufteds and Moorhen with a Grey Heron well camouflaged in the shrub on the other side of the reservoir.There were ten Cormorants on their favourite fallen tree in the water, another two were fishing near the dam wall.
 I carried on the footpath past the Canadas and further along saw a flock of c25 Lapwings fly over before heading home.It wasn't until I looked through my pictures that I noticed a different bird among the Canadas, on closer inspection it was a Barnacle Goose! Its a bit frustrating that I missed it when I was out but thankfully it shows taking plenty pictures can pay dividends.
Drake Teal

Drake Goldeneye

Mute Swan

unusual to get three Mute Swans here


Lapwing Flyover


Canadas with Barnacle Goose bottom left

Canadas with Barnacle Goose

Hewenden viaduct and reservoir 4/2/2018


  1. Nice one with the Barnacle Goose Nigel - easy to miss in with the Canada's.
    Great pics, especially of the Teal and Goldeneye.