Saturday, 24 February 2018

Leeshaw Reservoir

Saturday 24th February a.m.
 At last a dry Saturday morning so it was an early start and off to Leeshaw Reservoir where it was bitterly cold with a temperature of 0°C.There were plenty birds to see though with c150 Canadas, c50 Greylags and c75 Lapwings in the surrounding fields.I counted eight Oystercatchers on the wall at the other side of the res, and it was good to see ten Curlew flypast and another two came a bit closer later on, there was also a Cormorant on the tower.A Grey Heron was on the distant banking and one pair of Oystercatchers came close enough for some pics, Moorhen,BH Gull and a Common Gull completed a good start to a Saturday morning even if I couldn't feel my fingers and toes in the bitter cold.




Grey Heron


Lapwing & Oystercatcher


Eight Oystercatchers on the wall with Lapwings and Woodpigeons in the field

Leeshaw Reservoir 24/2/2018

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