Saturday, 17 February 2018

Lower Laithe Reservoir

Saturday 17th February a.m.
The morning started off with some light drizzle and a temperature of 2°C, so I decided to head off to Lower Laithe Reservoir.By the time I arrived at the parking spot giving a distant view of the reservoir it had turned from light drizzle to heavy rain.A scan of the valve tower showed four Oystercatures but with no chance of any pics I decided to give Redcar Tarn a try (Report to follow with a good surprise).
 On my way home from Redcar Tarn there was an improvement in the weather so I returned to Lower Laithe and walked down to the narrow road.There were two Oystercatures still present along with BH,Common and Herring Gulls.At the top end of the reservoir there were some noisy Canadas.As I headed back a couple of birds flew from the edge of the res, I got my bins on them which revealed a pair of Dippers.That gave my a lift as I headed up the steep slope back to the car.

Herring Gull

Herring Gull and BH Gulls

Lower Laithe Reservoir 17/2/2017

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