Monday, 29 October 2018

Leeming Reservoir

Monday 29th October p.m.
A bright sunny afternoon so off I went to Leeming Reservoir where the birding was not quite so good to start off with.The temperature was only at 6°C, the gantry to the pump tower had BH and Common Gull on it and there were c20 Mallards around.That was my lot walking to the top end of the reservoir but things improved on the way back, firstly seeing a Cormorant in the water.Further along I saw two distant Grey Wagtails at the waters edge and even further away a Pied Wagtail.On the dam wall a Mistle Thrush appeared and saving the best till last a Little Owl was on a distant wall below the road.
Little Owl

Mistle Thrush


distant Grey Wagtail

water levels still low

Leeming Reservoir 29/10/2018

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